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This AutoCAD 2010 Training video utilizes an easy to follow training format that is both engaging and informative. Created to assist the beginners to intermediate users, the author uses a unique training method that bring a high degree of visual clarity to even the most complex applications. Being over 7.5 hours long this AutoCAD 2010 Training on CD / DVD is extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Video Tutorial taught by Experts - Low Cost

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Topics covered on this Tutorial Video
are Listed Below:

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Introduction User Interface Drafting Settings

The purchased version of this Training contains all the movies listed below as well as all the featured Movies above. add to cart US$ 99.95

Modelspace & Paperspace
  • Model Tab
  • Layout Tabs
  • Quick Views
Zooming & Panning
  • Using Your Mouse Wheel
  • NAVIGATE Panel
  • Zoom Window
  • Zoom Object
  • Zoom In
  • Zoom Out
  • Zoom All
  • Zoom Extents
  • Realtime Zoom
  • Realtime Pan
Creating a Title Block
  • Modelspace with Limits
  • Setting Your LAYERS
  • RECTANGLE Command
  • POINT Styles
Title Block - Text & Attributes
  • Single Line Text (DTEXT)
  • Multiline Text (MTEXT)
  • Defining Attributes
Converting Title Block
  • Making an AutoCAD Block
  • Tidying Up in Modelspace
  • Inserting Title Block
  • Save as a 2010 DWG File
Using Viewports in Layouts
  • Layer Management Tools
  • Creating Viewports
  • Setting Viewport Scales
  • Locking Viewport Scales
  • Rotating Viewports
Converting to a Drawing Template (DWT)
  • Options Dialog Box
  • Default Template Folder
  • Opening a New DWG From DWT File
  • DWG File Management
Setting Up Model Tab (Modelspace)
  • Setting Your Units
  • Setting Your Limits
  • Layer Properties Manager
  • Layer Pulldown Menu
  • Freezing / Thawing Layers
  • Layers ON/OFF
  • Locking Layers
Drawing in Modelspace
  • LINE Command
  • ARC Command
  • CIRCLE Command
  • POLYGON Command
  • POLYLINE Command
  • RECTANGLE Command
  • HATCH Command
  • Using COPY & OTRACK
  • Using COPY & PASTE
  • Adding Text in Modelspace
Content Re-use
  • Utilizing Layer 0
  • Creating a Block
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Inserting a Block
  • GRIP Editing
  • Tool Palettes
  • DesignCenter
  • Managing Tool Palettes
  • Exporting Tool Palettes
  • Making a DWG from a Block
  • Redefining a Block
Dimensioning & Annotation
  • New Measuring Tools
  • Using DIMENSION Panel
  • Using Annotative Scaling
  • Viewport Scales
  • More Annotation Scaling
  • Using Multileaders
Setting Up Viewports
  • Visible Viewport Layers
  • Locking Viewport Scales
Layouts & Page Setups
  • Setting Layout Properties
  • Page Setups
Plotting your Drawing
  • Plotting From Model Tab
  • Plotting - Layouts & Colors
  • Changing Plotting Settings
Publishing Your Drawing
  • Using PUBLISH Command
  • Using eTransmit
  • Plotting to PDF
  • Plotting to DWF
  • DWF Design Review 2010
  • DWG TrueView 2010
  • Changing Filetypes
AutoCAD Community
  • AutoCAD Exchange
  • AUGI
In Conclusion
  • Wrap Up
  • About this Author

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Beginners AutoCAD 2010 Training - VIDEO INFO

AutoCAD 2010

Shaun Bryant

7.5 hours - 107 Movies

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Multi User Version Available

This training video is also available in Multi User format, ideal for Schools, Universities, or Corporate users where training multiple delegates is the most cost effective way of training.

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